Rockin’ Fresh New Mexico Fusion 

Our award-winning kitchen in Santa Fe is vibrant, eclectic, and uncompromising when it comes to bold flavors and innovative cooking. With a roaring wood fire oven set in the middle of the restaurant, Dr. Field Goods offers a lively atmosphere where friends and family come together over a meal or a drink at the bar while taking part in the action and entertainment of our open kitchen concept.  

Address2860 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507
Hours: Open Daily 12PM – 8PM 

Starters and Lite Fare

Roasted Mushroom Soup   $7 Bowl /  $5 Cup   ▼ Ø

A creamy mushroom soup served with a slice of house made potato bread

Green Chile Stew   $9 Bowl / $6 Cup   Ø

Classic New Mexican pork stew topped with sharp cheddar cheese and served with a warm flour tortilla

Chips & Dips (extra chips $2.25)        ▼ Ø

Minguiche – cotija cheese melted with jalapeno & habanero peppers   $9.25

Fire Roasted Salsa – tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, garlic, lime & cilantro   $8.75

Dry Chile Salsa – guajillo chile, ancho chile, New Mexico red chile, onions, garlic & tomatoes    $7.25

Fresh Guacamole – avocado, lime, garlic, onion & cilantro   $ 9.75

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts   $10 Ø

Roasted in our wood fired oven and finished with bacon, cotija cheese, butter, and New Mexican gremolata

Carne Adovada Egg Rolls    $8.50

Two fried egg rolls served with a peanut dipping sauce 

Vegetable Egg Rolls   $6.50   ▼

Two fried egg rolls served with a peanut dipping sauce 

Charred Caesar Salad   $11.50   ▼ Ø

Charred romaine heart, Caesar dressing, garnished with parmigiana reggiano cheese and cracked black pepper.

Add a hanger steak for $8, fresh fish for $10, 

Kale salad    $13.50

Fresh kale tossed with roasted beets, fingerling potatoes, mushrooms, Brussel sprouts fresh red onion and miso vinaigrette

Garden Salad    $8

Seasonal greens and vegetables tossed in a sherry vinaigrette dressing add a hanger steak for $8, fresh fish for $10

Dr. Field Goods Handmade Onion Ring   $9.75   ▼

Hand cut and battered rings. Smother them in red, green, or Xmas chile and cheese for an additional $3

Patatas Bravas   $10.50   ▼ Ø

Field good potatoes with your choice of red, green, or Xmas chile aioli, and sharp cheddar cheese with New Mexican gremolata

Kimchi Patatas Bravas   $10.50   ▼ Ø

Field good potatoes tossed in a miso aioli with New Mexican gremolata and house made kimchi

Black Mussels   Half pound $11 / Full pound $18   Ø

Black mussels wood fired in a house made red curry sauce with toasted peanuts, coconut and New Mexican gremolata.

Served with fresh baked bread

Sandwiches and Mains

Upgrades for the Field Good Potatoes:  Onion Rings $1.50, Cup of Soup $2.50, Green Salad $3.50, Patatas Bravas $3.00

Fish Tostada   $12.75   Ø

Grilled fresh fish, pinto beans and fresh cabbage salad with fire roasted salsa and crème fraiche all on a crispy corn tortilla

Fish and Chips   $14.75

Two fresh fish fillets, battered and fried, served atop a creamy malt vinegar cabbage salad in a potato skin shell

Shrimp Tacos    15.00

Three soft corn tortillas filled with shrimp topped with fresh cabbage, cilantro and onions, Avocado crema and a arbol chile salsa with a side of pinto beans

New Mexican   $14.00

Our signature sandwich, green chile rubbed & smoked pulled pork topped with sharp cheddar cheese, green chile, and apple jicama slaw. Served with field good potatoes

El Cubano   $14.75

Cuban pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mayo and a fresh cabbage salad sandwich served with field good potatoes

Bad Ass BLT   $14.50

Ground 9 oz. bacon patty roasted in our wood fired oven topped with mayonnaise, local tomatoes and lettuce

Served with field good potatoes. Add a fried egg for $1.50

The Skinny Burger   $14.00

Can do vege patties on request.

Three skinny 2oz. house ground New Mexico beef patties stacked in a fluffy bun topped with American cheese, field good’s sauce, fresh tomatoes, shaved red onions, and lettuce. Served with field good potatoes. Add as many patties as you want for an additional $1.50 per patty. Ask about our Beat the Meat Challenge!

Vegetable Stuffed Handheld Burrito   $11.00   ▼

Sautéed cabbage, fennel, beets, onions, fresh cilantro, carrots, and a touch of green chile inside a flour tortilla

Steak Frites   $18.50  Ø

Marinated wood fired hanger steak served with field good potatoes and homemade steak sauce

Dr. Field Good’s Pho   $16.50  Ø

A large bowl of rich house made bone broth with rice vermicelli noodles, duck confit, roast pork, mushrooms, radishes, jalapeno, basil, cilantro. Dr. Field Good’s Pho has limited availability

Wood Fired Pizza 

Pizza De Gallo   $16.50  ▼

Dr. Field Goods’ New Mexican pizza. Diced tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalapenos, smoked mozzarella, topped with New Mexican gremolata

Pizza Margherita   $15.50  ▼

Fresh local heirloom greenhouse tomatoes, house made fresh mozzarella, and basil topped with extra virgin olive oil

Wood Fired Cheese Pizza   $14  ▼

House made mozzarella, marinara sauce, and fine herbs

Toppings $1.50 each

Caramelized onions, fresh garlic, anchovies, pickled red onions, fresh red onions, pepperoni, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil, Kalamata olives, green chile, extra sauce, extra cheese

Premium Toppings $3.50 each

(All meats are house made!)

Goat Italian sausage, pork Italian sausage, spicy Italian sausage, bacon, local goat cheese, carne adovada,

Canadian bacon, toasted pinon, duck confit


Baked piping HOT! Please allow 20 minutes

Green Chile Vegetable Enchiladas   $16   ▼ Ø

New Mexico green chile, a local white cheese blend and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas   $18    Ø

Local free-range chicken, New Mexico green chile and a local white cheese blend.

Red Chile Beef Enchiladas   $19    Ø

Local Grass feed beef from Berry Beef, New Mexico red chile, and a local white cheese blend.

Xmas Enchiladas   $19    Ø

Best of both worlds: one half green chile chicken and one half red chile Beef.

Add an Egg to any enchilada plate for $1.50

Fresh Beverages

Cucumber Mint Infused Water – muddled cucumber and mint infused ice water   $2.50 each

Fresh Orange Soda – fresh squeezed orange, simple syrup & soda water   $4.00 each

Orange Creamsicle – fresh squeezed orange, vanilla cream, simple syrup &, soda water   $4.50 each

Fresh Ginger Ale – muddled ginger, fresh squeezed lemon, simple syrup & soda water   $4.00 each

Funaro Soda – fresh squeezed orange, muddled ginger, simple syrup & soda water   $4.00 each

Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda  amarena cherries, vanilla cream, simple syrup & soda water   $4.50 each

Lemonade/Limeade – fresh squeezed lemon or lime, simple syrup & water   $4.00 each

Cherry Lemonade/Limeade –  amarena cherries, fresh squeezed lemon or lime, simple syrup & water   $4.50

Coffee – provided by Aroma Coffee   $3.50

Iced or Hot Tea – we have a rotating selection provided by the Teahouse   $3.50


Truffle plate…. $7

Red chile chocolate truffle rolled in a sweet paprika, green chile truffle rolled in pepitas, milk chocolate truffle rolled in milk chocolate cocoa powder, and a milk chocolate truffle with roasted pinon and salted toffee

Bread Pudding…. $8

Raisins, pinon nuts, fresh caramel and Chantilly cream

Crème Brulée …. $8

Ask your server for today’s flavor

= Indicates vegetarian items

Ø = Indicates gluten free items (gluten free dishes are prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, customers with gluten sensitivities or celiac should exercise judgment when consuming)