Chef Josh Gerwin

Built on the backbone of bold flavor, uncompromised quality, and the school of rock-n-roll, Chef Josh Gerwin created the Dr. Field Goods culinary concept from the ground up. Beginning with a catering food truck and raw confidence, Chef Josh pioneered the flavors of New Mexico fusion cooking in Santa Fe over a decade ago.  

Dr. Field Goods has grown from a humble start-up into two award-winning restaurants, two butcher shop locations, and with a national brand of hot sauces on the way, Josh is excited to watch Dr. Field Goods continue to grow and thrive.  

Young Josh grew up in Santa Fe, where he found inspiration in authentic local flavors and traditional cooking techniques. Chef Josh creates dishes that pay homage to familiar favorites, making exciting departures from the traditional with his own culinary approach. Josh takes pride in designing each of his dishes, thoughtfully and meaningfully, finding new and exciting flavors that add excitement to traditional recipes. All Original = No Covers. 

Dr. Field Goods only uses ingredients that come from local farms and ranches that tell the story of New Mexico. By building relationships with each local grower, rancher, and supplier, Chef Josh is unshakingly committed to sourcing clean, whole foods from small family run farms and ranches that are committed to quality and sustainability.