Sawmill Market

Albuquerque’s Artisanal Culinary Experience  

Artisanal, local, and full of life, the Sawmill Market is New Mexico’s first artisanal food hall, featuring the best culinary talent of the region and eclectic, independent boutiques. Shop for excellent fresh made pasta, bakery items, home goods, and of course, the finest meat selection at the Dr. Field Goods butcher counter. With indoor and patio dining, Sawmill Market is also an excellent place for a lunch meeting, happy hour with friends, or dinner with the family.  

Address1909 Bellamah Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104
Hours: Open Daily 9AM – 9PM

Sawmill Market Menu


ALL Day Burger   $14

Fatty patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, fried egg, & DFG sauce

Sunrise Burger   $9.75

6oz. Breakfast sausage patty, aioli, topped with a fried egg

Walk The Dog   $9.75

All Beef Dog served with a scrambled egg & colby cheese 

Morning Bravas   $10.5

Our famous bravas with bacon or sausage, egg, & finished with Tucumcari sharp white cheddar      


Egg  $1.5      

Bacon  $3

Queso or Beans  $1

Beans & Chili   $6

Pinto beans with Coney Island chili topped w/ colby cheese & onions

Skinny Burgers

“Skinny burger griddle top cooked” 

The DFG Skinny   $13.5

Three 2 oz. patties topped w/ American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion & Dr. Field Good Sauce 

Green Chile Skinny   $14

Same as the DFG Skinny w/a heaping amount of green chile

Coney Island Skinny   $13.5

Three skinny patties smothered in Coney Island chili, colby cheese, onions, & blended mustard  

Lil One   $8.75

Two skinny patties with American cheese

Fatty Burgers

“Our thick Fatty Burger is a charbroiled 6oz. patty” 

The Fatty DFG Burger   $13.5

6oz. Patty topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion & house Dr. Field Good Sauce  

Green Chile Fatty   $14

Same as the DFG Fatty w/a heaping amount of green chile

The Blue   $14.5

A thick 6oz. patty coated in blackening spice, DFG bacon marmalade, & melted artisan blue cheese 

Queso Bacon Burger   $14.5

Our open faced delight, a Fatty patty with house made bacon & smothered in queso

5 Alarm   $14.5

6oz. patty with our DFG’s jalapeño, serrano, habanero Jam & melted sharp cheddar   !HOT!   

Cheddar Burger   $14

Melted Tucumcari white cheddar, lettuce, Dr. Field Goods pickled onions, & blended mustard. 

BBQ Pork Burger   $14.5

Fresh ground Kyzer Farm Pork ground in house, mixed with BBQ rub, grilled w/ pickled jalapeño coleslaw 

100% Beef Hot Dogs

House Made Hot Dog   $8.5

with blended mustard

Coney Island   $11

Smothered in Coney Island chili topped with colby cheese, blended mustard & onions.    

New Mexican   $10.75

Smothered in green chile, finished with queso

DFG Dog   $10.75

Blended mustard, sauerkraut, & topped with red onions

Enchi Dog   $14

Dr. Field Goods’ green chile enchilada sausage served with pinto beans & topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions & Crème Fraiche

Patatas Bravas Fried Potatoes

Field Good Bravas   Sm   $3   Lg   $7
Seasoned Field Good Bravas   Sm   $3.75   Lg   $7

Dusted in Dr. Field Goods seasoning

Coney Bravas   Sm   $5.75   Lg   $10.5

Smothered in Coney Island chili, colby cheese & onions

Nacho Bravas   Sm   $6   Lg   $11

Patatas bravas w/ colby cheese, beans, queso, topped with DFG pickled jalapeños, lettuce, tomatoes and onions

New Mexico Bravas   Sm   $5.5   Lg   $10.5

World famous patatas bravas tossed in red or green chile aioli, sharp cheddar and our New Mexican gremolata. Ask for them X-Mas


Half   $8      Full   $13

Chopped Romaine, tomatoes, red onions with creamy or vinegar & oil dressing 

Add on bacon or artisanal blue cheese  $3 Each


Green or red chile aioli, Dr. Field Goods pickled onions, DFG bacon Marmalade, DFG pickled jalapeños, pepper jack, American, cheddar, or Swiss cheese   75¢

House made bacon, artisan blue cheese   $3


Zia  $3         Tea  $3.75         Imported Water  $3.75