Local Farm Providers

At Dr. Field Goods, we are committed to sourcing the finest ingredients for our restaurant and butcher shop. We know who grows our produce, who raises the livestock and where our ingredients come from… because it tastes better and it’s better for our environment and economy. We are committed to positive and meaningful relationships with our growers, ranchers, providers and our customers. Learn more about the farms and ranches we work with by visiting the links below. 

Sungreen Living Foods

Providing certified organic by the NMDA, Sungreen Living Foods is spearheaded by Susan Higgins, a local grower who has been a staple vendor at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market for over 25 years. 

The Old Windmill Dairy 

The Old Windmill Dairy is a local dairy farm that crafts artisan goat and cow cheese that have earned state and national recognition.  

Naturally NM Food Products

Naturally New Mexico Food Products, LLC is a local producer and agriculture developer that brings a fresh-grown spice to Dr. Field Goods’ dishes.  

Kyzer Farm 

An Albuquerque pig farm that is home to Berkshire, Red Duroc, Old English Spotted, and York Hog, Kyzer Farm has mastered the art of sustainable agriculture. Kyzer Farm raises pigs that are healthy, happy, and raised by hand by Kyzer Farm’s Robert Kyzer. 

Khalsa Community Farms 

Khalsa Community Farms operates year-round, growing produce that feeds farmers’ markets, a community kitchen, and more, along with Dr. Field Goods. 

Jemez Valley Live 

Jemez Valley Live is on the leading edge of environmental sustainability, providing innovative growing systems that maximize food quality and minimize environmental impact. 

Green Tractor Farm 

Certified organic, Green Tractor Farms have been serving New Mexico out of La Cienega since 2006. A family farm, Green Tractor Farms finds joy in all things natural, from farm-fresh vegetables to colorful flowers. 

Buckin’ Bee Honey 

Based in Santa Fe, Buckin’ Bee Honey produces rich, sweet honey through an all-natural process. Buckin’ Bee Honey is led by Steve Wall, who has been a beekeeper since 1996. 

B&B Famers 

Providing organic foods to bring the community together, B & B farmers has a deeply artisanal approach to growing, producing fresh and flavorful produce of all kinds.